When Is The Best Time To Travel To Venice Italy?

Venice, Italy in September is the very best time to visit. The weather is perfect and the summer crowds are gone. Midweek is another plus because the mega cruise ships are out to sea.

This magical Byzantine city dating back to the 5th century built entirely on water will awe you with its breathtaking beauty and architectural marvels. Even the most beautiful photographs will never capture the true feeling of being there. The beauty of spending a few days in Venice with a small group and a guide is that you will be able to immerse yourselves into the culture and history without losing a lot of time trying to figure out where you are. You’ll be able to savor all the sights, sounds and flavors! Just as a camera can’t capture its beauty, neither can words describe it. You simply have to be there and experience it for yourself.

Viva Italy Tours LLC has been putting together 3 day mini tours of Venice for over 12 years in September.

During our 3 day mini tour, you will see all the highlights as well as experience life through the eyes of its locals. We’ll also be visiting the islands of Murano, and Burano in the gorgeous lagoon of Venice which was the birthplace of Venice!

Here are some photos from our recent small group tours of  Venice Italy:


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