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Looking to travel again? Small group travel may be just what the doctor ordered

Looking to travel again? Small group travel may be just what the doctor ordered

Small groups and privately guided tours were already seeing significant growth in recent years prior to the pandemic. This was mainly because travelers no longer wanted just a trip, they wanted curated, seamless and meaningful travel experiences with no worries. They wanted an expert they trusted to plan that “once-in-a-lifetime” bucket list trip, and they

Source: Looking to travel again? Small group travel may be just what the doctor ordered

Tuscany Vacation Journey – Small Group Tours

Tuscany Vacation Journey – Small Group Tours by Viva Italy Tours, LLC Specializing in effortless, authentic travel to Tuscany.

Journey into the Heart of Tuscany on a small privately guided tour.

Escape to the vineyards and rolling hills of rural Tuscany to stay at the 12th century, recently renovated former monastery in the heart of Chianti.  You will enjoy marvelous views of the countryside from the luxurious rooms and terraces.  The authentic Tuscan cuisine will delight your taste buds.   Whether your prefer to focus on the local cuisine, wines, or the art of  this historically rich area, you can enjoy life at your own pace. Situated amongst the vineyards and rolling hills of Tuscany, this former monastery is one you won’t soon forget. The views of the surrounding rural areas provide a peaceful state of mind.

For more information about our small guided tours to Tuscany visit our website at http://www.VivaItalyToursllc.com


Why Small Group Privately Guided Vacations in Italy are on the Rise

Why Small Group Privately Guided Vacations in Italy are on the Rise

Small Group Tours Italy

Because travelers are hungry for fresh experiences that expand their horizons and give them a new perspective—they really want to see a destination from an insider’s point of view. Today’s traveler no longer wants a “cookie cutter experience” being shuttled around on a motor coach with 65 other travelers and a tour guide with a microphone.

Rather than checking a number of tourist attractions off a list, travelers seek an understanding of the culture and people in a destination, a chance to fully immerse themselves in the destinations they are visiting along with genuine personal interactions. They are also, according to the report, using travel as a way to connect with family and friends in deeper ways. Similarly, the “AARP Travel Research: 2017 Travel Trends” report finds that most baby boomers are looking for a laid-back and relaxing trip that will give them the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

Guided vacations deliver those experiences that today’s travelers seek, and more. Genuine human experiences? Check. Cultural immersion? Check. Time to relax and connect with loved ones? Check!

Here’s a list of 10 reasons why taking a small group privately guided vacation with Viva Italy Tours, LLC is worth checking into.

  1. You don’t have to worry about the logistics, planning and research for your trip. That is all taken care of for you, allowing you to focus all your energy on relaxing and having the experience of a lifetime.
  2. With fewer travelers you’ll spend less time checking into hotels and getting on and off large buses. We travel with vans, private boats (in Venice)  or mini buses holding 8-16 people maximum. You’re always be pre-checked into your rooms ahead of time.
  3. By traveling in smaller vehicles we have access to smaller villages, and restricted areas in larger cities.
  4. You’ll spend more time in a destination, so you can relax, unwind and explore at your own pace.
  5. The itinerary and sightseeing is customized for each group. With 2 tour leaders always present groups can easily break up and go in two different directions.
  6. You’ll have more opportunities to get to chat with fascinating residents in the places you visit and more interaction with your local guides.
  7. In a smaller group, everyone can be more flexible and open to spontaneous opportunities and experiences.
  8. Because you’re traveling with a chef and former Slow Food Director, savoring the flavors and specialties of each region will be an important part of each meal.
  9. We’ll incorporate cooking classes, oil and vinegar tastings, cheese tastings, and food and wine pairing into every itinerary, as well as “breaking bread with a local!”
  10. Our tours are limited to easy going, fun loving travelers only!!

Here an example of Viva Italy Tours LLC small group in action:

Italian guys enjoying a quiet moment on the park bench in Radda in Chianti Tuscany:

Viva Italy Tours

Viva Italy Tour Group Mingling with the locals: LOL!

Viva Italy Tours

For more information about our small group tours of Italy visit our website: www.vivaitalytoursllc.com or email us: dawn@vivaitalytoursllc.com or call us: (313) 618-6559 

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Venice Italy?

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Venice Italy?

Venice, Italy in September is the very best time to visit. The weather is perfect and the summer crowds are gone. Midweek is another plus because the mega cruise ships are out to sea.

This magical Byzantine city dating back to the 5th century built entirely on water will awe you with its breathtaking beauty and architectural marvels. Even the most beautiful photographs will never capture the true feeling of being there. The beauty of spending a few days in Venice with a small group and a guide is that you will be able to immerse yourselves into the culture and history without losing a lot of time trying to figure out where you are. You’ll be able to savor all the sights, sounds and flavors! Just as a camera can’t capture its beauty, neither can words describe it. You simply have to be there and experience it for yourself.

Viva Italy Tours LLC has been putting together 3 day mini tours of Venice for over 12 years in September.

During our 3 day mini tour, you will see all the highlights as well as experience life through the eyes of its locals. We’ll also be visiting the islands of Murano, and Burano in the gorgeous lagoon of Venice which was the birthplace of Venice!

Here are some photos from our recent small group tours of  Venice Italy:


For more infomation on Small Group Tours of Italy contact us today:

Email: dawn@vivaitalytoursllc.com or Visit our website: www.vivaitalytoursllc.com

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Let us provide you a luxury guided vacation to experience Italy in a small intimate group setting.

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