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3 Day Tour of Venice Italy

Small Group Privately Guided Tours – Premier Experience

Guided Vacation in Puglia Italy

Small Group Privately Guided Tours – Premier Experience

Privately Guided Small Group Vacations in Italy – Luxury Experiences

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Small Group Italy Tours

7 Night "The Wonders of Puglia and Matera"

Sun-Sun (1-8  September, 2024)

>>Registration for 2024 is SOLD OUT

Colorful, exotic Puglia is a beguiling and stimulating place, with its own distinctive food, architecture and atmosphere. Its landscapes have an appealingly elemental quality – stark rocks meeting clean beaches lapped by crystal-clear water; gigantic olive trees spiraling up from dark red soil fringed by vivid wildflowers; fragrant pine forests opening onto chalk-white sands. Nature’s colors are bold in Puglia, and man-made shapes are simple – with chunky, cubic houses and conical-roofed cottages dotting the countryside. Its extensive coastline bears the marks of many conquering invaders: the Normans, the Spanish, the Turks, the Swabians and the Greeks. Yet, despite its diverse influences, Puglia has its own distinct and authentic identity. Sun and sea, food, wine and quality of life – explore this diverse and captivating region with Viva Italy Tours, LLC !

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Small Group Italy Tours

3 Night "Viva Venezia Mini Tour"

 Mon-Wed (9-12 September 2024) 

Registration for 2024 is open

Venice, Italy in September is the very best time to visit. The weather is perfect, and the summer crowds are thinning out. Weekdays are another plus because the mega cruise ships are out to sea.

The beauty of spending a few days in Venice with a small group and a guide is that you will be able to immerse yourselves into the culture and history without losing a lot of time trying to figure out where you are. You’ll be able to savor all the sights, sounds and flavors!

During this 3 day mini tour, you will see all the highlights as well as experience life through the eyes of its locals. We’ll also be visiting the islands of Murano, and Burano in the gorgeous lagoon of Venice which was the birthplace of Venice!

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Small Group Italy Tours

7 Night "Splendors of Tuscany"

Saturday-Saturday (Sept 21st- Sept 28th, 2024)   Registration for 2024 is closed Private Watercolor Journaling Workshop

Spend a week in Tuscany with a Tuscan family. Stay in 4-star 12th century monastery.  Enjoy the local food, wine, art, architecture, and culture. Daily excursions, sightseeing and more. Travel with our executive  chef to markets, learn Italian cooking secrets, and savor the region’s most beautiful gardens, vineyards and hilltop towns. Meet Italy’s most famous butcher while dining in his private dining room.

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Owners Chef Dawn Bause, and husband Fred celebrate their 18th year leading small group tours in Italy. They are passionate about food, wine and getting to know each region and it’s residents.

Let us provide you a luxury guided vacation to experience Italy in a small intimate group setting.

Dawn Bause